Weddings in Malta

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

The Maltese islands, one of the most romantic and charming destinations in the Mediterranean, provide an ideal setting for the perfect wedding & honeymoon. Blessed with all-year-round sun and set in crystal waters, Malta and its sister island of Gozo and Comino can offer you a unique wedding and honeymoon experience, where complete relaxation can easily give way to one’s urge to discover the islands’ many cultural, artistic and natural treasures.

You will also be pleased to know that a Malta wedding will probably cost you much less than one in your country, or for that matter, in most other Mediterranean destinations! Even the going-away ritual can be a memorable one, whether you do it by using the “karrozzin”, the traditional flower-decorated, Maltese horse-drawn carriage, or the more modern limousines. If your party venue is close to the sea, you can even decide to say goodbye to your guests from a typically Maltese fishing boat!

Getting Married in Malta

Apart from what the islands themselves offer, they offer a wide range of accommodation tailored for your honeymoon requirements. Accommodation varies from apartments, hotels, villas, bungalows and finally farmhouses. Farmhouses are all fully converted to provide modern, self-catering facilities. Many will have private pools set in secluded courtyards. Should you prefer additional amenities, farmhouses annexed to hotels offer as full complement of dining, sporting and social activities.

With the wedding over, all you will be looking forward to will be a few days of utter relaxation, soaking up the Mediterranean pace of life. The island of Malta and Gozo are the perfect location for just idling away the time in the sun and lulled by the sound of the waves, come summer or winter. It will, however, be difficult to resist the temptation to explore their spectacular seascape, ranging from quiet coves and alluring sandy beaches to sheer cliffs.