Officially opened in 1992 as a government sponsored project, the Olympic size Swimming Pool has since then hosted various prestigious international sporting events which include the 1992 Small Nations Games, the 1994 Para Olympics and several editions of the Jeux Sans Frontiers.

As can be expected, the Swimming Pool is an important venue for water sports activities throughout the year. These include leagues and tournaments as well as specialised swimming and waterpolo training.

The Swimming Pool Complex comprises two fresh water pools. The main pool is 50 metres long, 25 metres wide and 2 metres deep. The ten-lane swimming pool conforms to the standards required by the International Olympic Committee and the International Swimming Federation. The smaller pool is 25 metres square and 5 metres deep.

Both pools are heated all year round to a temperature of 26.5 – 27.0 degrees Celsius. A maintenace programme that includes thorough cleaning and backwash ensures the highest hygiene standards at all times. The very modern sophisticated equipment keeps the water constantly clean and sets the right dose of chlorine and other necessary substances.

The pool and amenities are serviced by lifts. People with special needs are also catered for. The Complex is open between 06:00 and 20:00 hours.

Amenities at the Complex itself include car park, showers & dressing rooms including facilities for people with special needs, cafeteria, 2200 seating capacity for spectators, strategically placed viewing areas for spectators, judging panels and film / photography crews, floodlight system, sports clinic for first aid & treatment, VIP lounge and press area equipped with telephones, conference hall for seminars, lectures & meetings, sports library and museum.