Sports in Malta

Imagine an island retreat in the middle of the Mediterranean. Blessed with a mild climate all year round, and boasting some of the clearest waters and most stunning sea and landscape in the Mediterranean, the archipelago is an ideal destination for those who want to live their holiday to the full. If you wish to get your bearings on the islands from a different perspective, then take to the air! You can experience the excitement of free fall skydiving after a couple of days ground training, under the watchful eye of qualified instructors.

Islands always conjure a sense of escapism and adventure, and nowhere is the felt more than in Malta, and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino. The archipelago offers visitors a unique chance to enjoy favourite sports and pastimes, as well as try their hand at something new, against a stunning backdrop of an ancient landscape and heritage unrivalled in the Mediterranean. By choosing Malta for your gateway, you can fill everyday of your holiday with an astonishing variety of activities.

You can enjoy the islands most magnificent views walking through the countryside. All the Maltese islands have a lot to sell. You will never stop admiring the beautiful scenes which you will encounter in every single place you’ll be. If you prefer your feet on terra ferma, then autumn through spring is the best time to enjoy rock climbing. At this time of the year, the islands are covered with a carpet of wild flowers and herbs in bloom. Explore biking along some of the scenic coastal paths.

The Maltese archipelago – the main island Malta, the smaller Island Gozo and the tiny Island Comino – is a real paradise for divers and snorklers. These islands have fortunately retained their natural state due, to a large extent, to the sea and its fauna. On this historic island one finds the Royal Malta Golf Club. The course is set in a unique sports complex that encompass an eighteen hole golf course, seventeen tennis courts, five squash courts, mini-golf, two billiard rooms, an open air swimming pool, a restaurant and an air-conditioned bar.

Next to the Golf Club, you’ll find the Marsa Sports Club which includes a full size soccer pitch too, as per FIFA‘s regulations. For all Malta football livescore, check out

To really appreciate the countryside at its best, nothing compares to horse riding as a way to explore the byways of Malta and Gozo. The good way to cover ground if you have only a short time on the islands, you will have to try the four wheels, the “jeep safaris“. You will be accompanied on a journey which takes you off the beaten track to enjoy the coastline and views.

For those who prefer nature’s own power, winsurfing and sailing is a must in Malta. The island has been a maritime base for centuries and nowhere will you find sailing more exciting than in Malta today. The mild climate means that you can haul up sail all year round.