The Hotel Phoenicia is surely one of the best known and best loved hotels in Malta having been around well before the tourism boom of the 1960’s. In fact, its history stretches back to well before the Second World war when its ownership by the Strickland family made it into one of the icons of British imperial presence on the island. The hotel was the first ever 5 star hotel on the island and its location just outside Valletta is surely the apex for transport services with the bus terminus practically on the doorstep although most visitors to this sumptous hotel probably make do with altogether more luxurious and comfortable forms of transport.

As is to be expected, the Phonecia Hotel’s rooms and suites provide the epitome of luxury in every department. The rooms are beautifully decorated with all the little features that set aside class from normality. Conference facilities are also quite excellent with all that you can imagine provided although, again the internet experience is not available in all areas and sometimes it is not of the highest speeds that one would expect at such a hotel.

Catering facilities however are of top notch quality throughout and the service provided is in keeping with a hotel of such munificence. The Pegasus Restaurant has won many awards over the years and with a steady stream of VIP guests, it is well known as one of the best places to eat on the island. The same could be said for the breakfast at the hotel which is surely one of the finest on offer amongst the five star segment whilst the lunch and dinner buffets are truly top class. Several celebrities have stayed at the Phoenicia over the years – these include such luminaries as Sir Roger Moore and political leaders of note such as Harold Macmilland and Harold Wilson, both former Prime Ministers of Great Britian. The hotel was also used for a number of important meetings amongst world leaders especially in the run up to Malta’s independence in the 1960’s.

The Phoenicia remains one of the foremost hotels in Malta and its appeal is complemented by a magnificent art collection with several paintings by the famed portraitist Edward Caruana Dingli in its foyere and in some of the conference rooms. Art exhibitions and cultural events are also held on a regular basis at the hotel.

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