The Corinthia Palace is one of Malta’s iconic hotels having a reputation that is truly second to none in all aspects. It has been around for several decades and its location, next to the San Anton Palace in Attard surely demonstrates its importance to the tourism community. The large, neo Gothic building that was originally a sumptuous country villa now hosts only a small part of the hotel that has grown extensively in the past years after major refurbishment projects.

As might be expected, the rooms at the Corinthia Palace Hotel are of the highest standards. No expense is spared to offer the utmost in luxury especially in the highest quality rooms where the essence is rarefied beauty. Bathrooms are often replenished with all sorts of toiletries whilst the furnishings ooze luxury in every department. There’s also attention to detail in the way the rooms are set out and the conference facilities are also of the highest standards. The executive Suite is truly something out of this world with stunning town and country views and with all the facilities that one could dream of. The King Size rooms are also of the utmost quality – again as is to be expected from such a source.

Catering and cuisine is also top notch – as is to be expected in this hotel. The breakfast buffet is a full blown one with all the ingredients that you can imagine – and more besides. Sumptuous lunch and buffet menus ensure that you are spoilt for choice in every department. Conference facilities are also top notch with several large rooms offering the opportunity to seat hundreds of delegates. The hotel is also provided with WiFi internet connectivity throughout so there is definitely no problem in getting connected. The Corinthia has hosted several well-known delegations over the years and is truly one of the hotels that has put Malta on the tourism destination map.

We’ve already touched on the pool facilities briefly but the Corinthia is also known for its incredible spa services where the most capable talents provide their wares in a genial and rarefied environment. Spa services include the standard and obligatory facials and massages but also extend to other areas such as oriental massages, pedicures, manicures and more refined treatments. There’s also a wide selection of bars with the ample and lush gardens providing an ideal space for relaxation. The Corinthia Palace is truly a hotel for the discerning person who loves and can afford the utmost in luxury.

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