About Us

Alan Debattista

I started my career in the tourism industry back in 1991, assisting my father Gaetano Debattista in the running of the various hotels he operated in Malta. Attended the Institute of Tourism Studies, obtained a Marketing Management Diploma and now I’m focusing on an MBA. During all these years, I developed excellent administration skills and am currently running the Travel Agency. Due to the nature of my profession, I tend to visit a lot of countries worldwide. Feel free to visit my travel blog and read more.

Mark Debattista

SEO Expert Malta, holding a higher diploma in Information Technology from the University of Malta. I developed various programming skills and attained vast knowledge regarding SEM. In the Tourism Industry, I started my career in 1992 working in the hotels which were operated by my family. Created couple websites about Malta, which attract huge amount of traffic. Today I’m a professional SEO Analyst, employed with a foreign company based in Malta.

Our Trademarks

The reason behind choosing “Dream Holidays” as our company name is simple. It is in itself the guarantee for our clients, that we will do our utmost to offer them the dream holiday of their lifetime. Our venture started on the internet for a reason. Using this source of telecommunication we are able to reach individuals from all over the world and communicate with them directly. This means that we can understand exactly what the client is looking for, enabling us to create his or her dream holiday., which is our main international website, features special offers for accommodation around the globe.

We were the first travel agency in Malta to be fully functional on Internet. Using “Destination Malta” as our main trademark for incoming tourism, our web site namely dates back to 1996. This site offers information for tourists visiting the Maltese Islands and features almost all accommodation options available on the Mediterranean islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Check for the latest special offers or use our online system to check availability and prices for the required hotel, apartment or villa! During all these years, has proved to be one of the main tourism websites promoting Malta with more than 1,000 unique visits daily.

Other Websites

Besides and, we do manage and/or own other websites related to Malta.